Quality control is essential to ensuring that the product that you want is the same product that arrives to its final destination point. With supply chains stretched over continents and time schedules tight, quality problems are very costly. Merlco works at providing quality assurance. If quality is only checked during or after production it is already too late to avoid problems. That is why quality starts before production and does not end until the product is delivered to our client.

Merlco's Quality Control Services

Product-specific Quality Inspection

Merlco’s quality control team designs client specific quality control procedures to ensure that the final product meets the client’s high standards. Merlco’s trained staff is able to inspection machine parts to plastic bags and will provide all the necessary documentation that your company requires.

Quality Control Assurance

Quality control at Merlco focuses on quality assurance as to eliminate quality issues prior to production. This saves time, money, and material. Quality can be controlled and mistakes can be avoided, it just takes a professional team to review all quality issues prior to production and then implementing a quality control process. Merlco’s staff is trained and already provides this service for our clients.

Factory Audits

Factory audits are an important part of quality control. Merlco provides custom factory audits to meet specific client needs. Custom factory audits include: environmentally responsible, fair labor practices and industry specific factory audits.


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