Finding the right supplier is a time consuming and a cost prohibitive project. Let Merlco be your eyes and ears. Merlco’s staff has experience in evaluating factories and the ability to systematically audit factories to ensure that they meet our clients’ needs. When you work with Merlco you work with professional teams, which can assist you step by step in the product development process.

Merlco’s product development services

Low Cost product development

Is where Merlco locates regions that take advantage of lower labor costs and lower material costs. Merlco has worked with wholesalers, retailers, and factories to locate suppliers that produce high quality products at a lower cost. At Merlco we provide services that span the entire supply chain of your company. So if you need Merlco to supply quotes, negotiate payment terms, inspections, and shipping we can do that.

Strategic product development

Is assessing the clients’ current supplier base and then running a risk assessment and total cost saving analysis to shifting the supplier base to another region. In this current business environment risk assessment is vital, because any mistakes in not calculating risk correctly can be devastating to a company. The cost saving analysis is calculating the total savings of shifting your supplier base.

Global product development

Is identifying global efficiencies and then building a supply chain around those efficiencies. Merlco has provided this service to its clients because of the rapidly shifting global markets. Supplier bases can quickly change and Merlco’s staff can respond to those changes and provide our clients with the answers they need in order to adapt to shifting markets.


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