Merlco offers a unique consulting team that exceeds its clients expectations. Consulting in China is difficult and there are many obstacles to overcome. With Merlco’s dedicated and experienced team your project’s challenges will be met head on. Merlco focuses on creative but practical solutions and has the expertise to guide you through the process.

Merlco's Consulting Services

Product development

Is a costly and time consuming venture. Merlco has worked with its clients to lower costs and improve development lead times. This has been driven because of the increasing costs for product development and Merlco works with risk assessment and cost analysis programs to accomplish these goals.

Procurement office management

Saves companies money and limits their legal exposure to their supplier base. With supply chains that span from different countries Merlco’s procurement office management is vital for Merlco’s clients having direct contact with their supplier base. Merlco’s staff processes requests for quotes, purchase order acknowledgements, production schedules, shipping schedules, quality control, and shipping documentation.

Project based consulting

Is specifically designed to accommodate our clients different needs. Merlco has worked with our clients to research market sections within a region. Merlco has also worked on contract negotiations with employees and suppliers in this rapidly changing business environment.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Is a concern many clients initially bring up in the first conversation.  Merlco has the experience and strategies to protect clients intellectual property; from writing contracts that project our clients to setting up multiple suppliers in order to limit one vendors knowledge of the entire product.  Merlco will work with our client in order to understand how to protect them.


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