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Our Services

Product Development

Low Cost product development Is where Merlco locates regions that take advantage of lower labor costs and lower material costs. Merlco has worked with wholesalers, retailers, and factories to locate suppliers that produce high quality products at a lower cost. At Merlco we provide services that span the entire supply chain of your company. So […]

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Quality control

Product-specific Quality Inspection Merlco’s quality control team designs client specific quality control procedures to ensure that the final product meets the client’s high standards. Merlco’s trained staff is able to inspection machine parts to plastic bags and will provide all the necessary documentation that your company requires. Quality Control Assurance Quality control at Merlco focuses […]

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Business consulting

Product development Is a costly and time consuming venture. Merlco has worked with its clients to lower costs and improve development lead times. This has been driven because of the increasing costs for product development and Merlco works with risk assessment and cost analysis programs to accomplish these goals. Procurement office management Saves companies money […]

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Our Products

Merlco has partnered up with factories in several industries; this gives Merlco the advantage to give competitive pricing for all our clients. Whether it’s in the industrial sector or the retail sector Merlco has the experience and staff to work with clients on developing their products.

Our Clients

Merlco has worked on developing products for box store retailers. We have also worked on product development for major brands, and have setup quality control systems for our US and international clients.


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